Scaena modestly launched its Model 3.2.  smallest in the model line up at the  2007 Stereophile show in NY........and received standing ovation, including 2 best sound at show.

Here is some of the coverage:

“This was the only system that appeared on All Four Stereomojo staffer's lists of best sound regardless of price.

To use a much abused term, the sound in this room was awesome. Not only did the speakers disappear, it seemed as if the whole room disappeared and we were transported to another place and time. While not everyone liked the visually striking appearance of the Scaenas, everyone liked the sound. Note that the towers come in different colors if red is not your thing.

Linda Darby : "This system sounds so fast! There's no sluggishness and the sense of time just sounds right. Very rhythmic. Makes me want to forget everything and dance or sing along with the vocalist. All that metal suggests to me a bright, metallic sound, but I didn't hear it. Their looks made them hard to ignore, but when the music plays your focus shifts away from the speakers and onto the music. Such a huge, immersive sound stage for such small tower. The image reaches the ceiling and the side walls and just filled up the front of the room. I could listen to these for a long time, I think."


Bill Gaw

Finally we come to the "Best Sound of the Show" as far as this reviewer is concerned. George Bischoff along with several others, has developed a line of Line Array Speakers call Scaena. In addition, if that were not enough, he has also developed the best sounding CD player I've ever heard, the Nova Physics Disc Player. He's taken CD playback through a computer to high end audio standards. It consists of a high end DVD-Rom drive which downloads the disc directly to the computers very fast RAM rather than the hard drive. Using the best parts and silver wire, he claims extremely low jitter. For $11,000 one gets a transport with hard drive and I believe 2GB of memory. The unit was digitally driving a BEHOLD 300 watt amplifier into his Scaena speakers. Sound was superb, rivaling the best analog I've heard. One can also get a unit with built-in D/A conversion for somewhat more. The system also put to good use Silversmith Audio's Palladium wire. 


Clement Perry

The name Scaena is derived from Latin and translates into theater, stage, art and entertainment; exactly what I heard from this wonderful setup. Everyone knows I'm a complete sucker for ribbon/line array combos and the Scaena's uniquely styled enclosure had me circling it like a middleweight prize fighter sizing up his next opponent. Silversmith Audio top of the line Palladium cabling was used throughout to give the sound a sumptuous glow that was very impressive indeed.

Simply Red

Robert Deutsch - STEREOPHILE

Wandering around HE 2007 with my camera, I'm always watching for interesting-looking products to take pictures of. As soon as I caught a glimpse of the Scaena Iso-Linear Array speakers, I knew I had another subject. It’s available in several colors, including pewter/titanium (real metal), but, personally, I wouldn’t consider anything but the red that was on display. And it's not all just looks, either: this is a serious design, with multiple mid-tweeter modules and subwoofers with digitally controlled active bass management.