About Us

Scaena was founded in 2004. The principals of Scaena are: George Bischoff, formerly of Melos Audio, who is the primary designer ( along with Mark Porzilli) of the driver system and crossover network, Sunny Umrao, the primary designer of the systems overall architecture, style, and unique enclosure design, and Alan Eichenbaum, a practicing attorney of 33 years who is primarily responsible for decisions based on listening tests. The team spent over two years developing, designing, and testing our "Iso-Linear Array" first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2007.

The "Iso-Linear Array" design offers increased power handling resulting in higher sound pressure levels with greatly reduced distortion. The unique dispersion pattern minimizes interference from walls, floors and ceilings filling the room with a life size listening area with near constant dynamic linearity. This is accomplished by the multiplicity of drivers and the unique qualities of the individual enclosures which allow for driver isolation and optimal spacing approximating a continuous line and a near perfect blending of drivers. The design maximizes the inherent advantage of a line array in radiating patterns that maintain a more uniform sound level intensity compared to a point source design at the most common listening distances as the line array intensity decreases 3dB per doubling of distance from the loudspeaker compared to the 6dB decrease for the typical point source design.

Music reproduced accurately, is an extraordinary medium to the human soul; to this end, a Scaena system is amongst the most entertaining and rewarding music instruments ever crafted.