Scaena was designed ground up, employing multiple breakthrough technologies with a single goal: recreate the greatest experience possible from recorded music. That goal mandated going beyond mere fidelity and tonality by expanding to accurately recreating the presence and stage.

Iso-linear array

The performance advantages of a single driver loudspeaker system realized. Large driver output with only a mini back-wave. Our custom hi-speed, low mass, mid/bass super-driver handles the majority of the discernable frequency spectrum with agility, authority, and fluid dynamic control at macro and micro dynamics level.

An enclosure designed around and for the driver, without the limitations of conventional manufacturing, i.e. boxes.

Maximum aperture and dispersion with practically no surface for diffraction with an exceptionally open sound stage. The "Scaena effect."

True seamless high-density enclosure, contoured to cancel and absorb the destructive back-wave. Large surface area for better dissipation of resonance. The combined wall thickness, is over 8 inches and 5X surface area.

Each enclosure is isolated to avoid sympathetic and compounding resonance and is mass dampened.

Available in several colors including pewter/titanium (real metal)

  • Totally Scalable and Upgradable without penalty.
  • Deep Impact Subs configurable as front or down firing.
  • Expandable number of subwoofers.
  • Fully Digital active bass management system utilizing 32-bit SHARC Digital Signal Processor and 24 bit CRYSTAL A/D-D/A.
  • The subs are designed to reach the lowest octaves with effortless precision and controlled impact. Vertical stack to preserve perfect phase.
  • The main drive is augmented with 18" low air sub frequency driver. A ribbon style planar super tweeter handles the upper air.
  • 93db Sensitivity- --Nominal Impedance 4 ohms. Recommended Amplifier Power 50 - 1000 watts

All parts in the system are precision engineered components.